RevOpt Sponsors HOTEL TECH DRIVE Event – Goa
Goa, India | 22nd July, 2018

RevOpt sponsors HOTELTECH DRIVE Event on “Growing Hotel Business using modern cloud Technology” in

7 key cities in India between 13th June to 10th July 2018.

Our 4th Event was held in Gurugram on 26th June 2018 at The Fern Hotel.

The event highlighted how hoteliers in India can grow their business using new-age cloud technology.  It included brainstorming sessions on hospitality industry issues like the changing ecosystem, the evolving world of distribution, panel discussions on the impact of Hotel Tech and OTA Mergers, etc.  We had prominent and noted senior hospitality professionals as guest speakers in the event.

Our Founder & CEO Kumar Subrmanian was the key speaker sharing his valuable insights on the “Evolution of Hotel Distribution” and he also moderated with some of the senior hospitality professionals about the recent mergers of OTA is a boon or bane for hotels.

RevOpt is proud of sponsoring such a uniquely structured event featuring top-notch hoteliers of some of the iconic brands to share their success stories to motivate emerging hoteliers.

Overall it was an action packed event with meaningful insights, debates, questions from the audience to our expert panelists.

RevOpt is very excited to host more such events in the days to come.



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