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30 years designing and developing Pricing, Revenue Management and automated Decision-Support Systems for business. MAXIM RMS initiated Revenue Management in a dozen different industries,
including several patents.

Tailored Revenue Optimization Solution increase your Revenues 6 to 18% across all Brands and Hotels, in every market and every channel.  Learn how you can profitably & easily compete in today’s market using the resources you already have & in less time!

Revenue Management System for Hotels, Chains & Management Companies

  • Patented Predictive Analytics

    Patented predictive analytics generate optimal rates and controls that increase your revenues 6-18% with largely the same costs, so most of that falls to the bottom line as profits

  • Tailor-Made Solutions

    For any type of property, 40 to 5,000 rooms, budget to luxury, short to extended stay, get tailored solutions that match the features and complexity of your hotel

  • Executive Dashboard

    Executive and action-oriented dashboards give big-picture perspective with detailed micro-controls to generate the maximum revenues

Next Generation Revenue Management System

1 Million+




Up to18%

Revenue Uplift







Critical Intelligence at your fingertips

Our Solution delivers critical information and tools to executives, managers and analysts throughout your organisation.

  • High-level overview of operating performance and competitive results for General Managers and Executive Staff
  • Quick Scan across KPI’s with advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Total transparency, control and advanced analytical functions at the most detailed level for Revenue Managers and Analysts
  • Quick access to key performance details and guidance for local management teamss
  • Long-range performance, scanning, and planning tools with flexible roll-up for Regional or Corporate Executives

Revenue-at-Risk alerts guide high-value user actions



With over three decades of experience, RevOpt offers tailor made revenue optimization solution to every hotel, chain and management companies to create a sustainable growth strategy to increase profitability & long-term asset value.

    Increase Profits

  • Improve Profits from the First Use 6-18% Revenue Increase
  • Affordable Revenue Management capabilities that increase your revenues and profits
  • Proven technology generates optimal prices, greater utilization & more Profits

    Save Time

  • Revenue-at-risk alerts guide high-value user actions
  • Just 15 minutes per day to review and control performance, prices and controls
  • Quick scan with advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards

    Beat Competition

  • Improve Revenues and Profitability across all circumstances
  • Competitive rate & performance data enables intelligent response to competitor actions
  • Proven to outperform competing Revenue Management Systems



Our Revenue Management System takes every transaction detail and produces detailed forecasts, pricing and availability recommendations at the most granular level

Determine the optimal price for your guest rooms for any given demand situation. Recommends length of stay controls that generates additional revenues and boost occupancy.

Our forecast engine takes in to consideration the variety of factors like historic trends, future patterns, segmentation, market condition, special events, booking pace, revenue wash to determine the accurate forecast for your hotel for the next 365 days. Accurate forecasting helps hotels to complete their budgeting & planning for the hotel by segmentation using our most sophisticated RMS.

Customer Price Sensitivity including buy-up and dilution utilizing our proprietary state-contingent optimization approach.

Optimal Channel Mix accounting for the disparate cost structures across owned & OTA channels.

Micro-Market Controls as full pattern length-of-stay by day of arrival, time of day, room group, rate category, market segment, and distribution channel, with Optimal Interpretation to less sophisticated pricing control structures while maintaining maximum profitability.

More than 100 optional reports and graphs are available to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated Revenue Manager. Individual users can select which screens they want to view, and schedule reports for automatic distribution to email lists.

Only reservations data are required, but e.FLEX also analyzes other data streams when available, including; Rate shop data, Forward demand data, Sales and catering system data, Reputation data, STAR reports, CRM data.

Multi data streams can be combined into one (virtual) Single Image of Inventory and demand.

Reliable Recommendations in over-sold or slack demand periods, even when an ordinary hurdle rate might fall to zero

Intra-Day and On-Demand reforecast and reoptimization for significant same-day reservation activity or real-time reactions to changes in demand.

Change-On-The-Fly Structures instantly adapt to shifts in segments, rates and/or rooms.

Derive the optimal Group Rate for each group. It also suggests alternative dates along with suitable group rates that fit best as per the availability & demand. Provides confidence to turn away low-end group and quote alternate prices for better yield.

Sophisticated Group pricing, evaluation, management and forecasting for fewer surprises and greater profitability.

Derive the optimal Group Rate for each group with basic group information and get net profit comparisons, across dates, even properties. It also suggests alternative dates along with suitable group rates that fit best as per the availability and demand. These projections help understand the potential effects on profitability and provide confidence to turn away low-end group business and quote alternate prices for better yield.

Forecast what group will spend, and project displaced revenue from the other segment if any in order to ensure each group fits into your hotel’s pricing strategy to achieve the right mix of group and transient business in every given demand situation.

Send recommendations and alerts to the corporate teams at a central, regional and property level of revenue management strategies.

Accurate forecasting helps hotels to complete their budgeting and planning for the hotel by segmentation which enables future planning of short term and long term strategies.

Is automating Revenue Management and increasing revenues your priority?


Why use a Revenue Optimization Solution ?

  • Making money with a hotel is getting increasingly complex – more data, more competition, more channels
  • Revenue Optimization Solution (RMS) makes the complex process of pricing and controlling rooms very simple to manage
  • RMS automates the hard work and presents fully processed and simplified information to users throughout the hotel organization
  • Hotels and chains around the world rely on RMS to compete profitably

What does an RMS do ?

  • Takes internal and external data through various interfaces
  • Calculates detailed, accurate forecasts of demand
  • Optimizes the rates and availability controls to maximize revenues & profits
  • Provides usable information, alerts and priority driven screens to guide the user’s efforts
  • Automatically sends the optimal rates, controls and optimal booking limits to all electronic distribution channels
  • Provides instant access to past results and current performance forecasts

How to achieve OPTIMAL PRICING amidst unpredictable demand fluctuations?


What makes Revopt Unique?

Our unparalleled services helps hotels, chains and management companies develop collective
knowledge of revenue management and upskill their teams to drive exponential revenue.

  • Exponential Revenue

    RevOpt helps you to go beyond organic to Exponential Growth by unlocking the true revenue potential to achieve optimal performance.

  • Automated Revenue
    Management System

    Custom tailored to your exact needs. Increased revenues 6%-18%. Multiply profits in as little as 15 minutes per day.  Outperform competitiors by 36% or more.

  • Long-term Profitability
    & Asset Value

    Tailor made revenue optimization solution to create a sustainable growth strategy to increase profitability & long-term asset value.

  • Expertise with
    unparallelled Services

    RevOpt best industry practices, proven techniques, latest trends & strategies that help hotels to challenge the status quo & outperform the competitors.