RevOpt is Certified by IDeaS (A SaaS Company) in Revenue Management
London, UK | 31st July to 7th August, 2014

Our Founder & CEO Kumar Subramanian was certified as the only trainer during the Revenue Management Concepts Workshop held by IDeaS on 31st to 7th August 2014 at the SAS UK Headquarters, Marlow, London, UK.

As on date our Founder and CEO Kumar Subramanian is the only certified trainer to deliver revenue management concepts workshops in India by IDeaS.

RevOpt is now fully prepared to deliver a 2-day interactive workshop format with a pre-determined agenda with authorized training materials for the participant resources.

It is also a great ‘Revenue Management for non-Revenue Managers’ workshop ideal for General Management team, Sales & Marketing team members that collaborate with the Revenue Management team.

The Revenue Management Workshop will assist in developing a unified culture, leveling the collective revenue management IQ and advancing the revenue team’s ability to drive better revenue.The training helps define, build and grow the revenue management culture not only with those directly responsible for the day-to-day activities, but also with all key revenue stakeholders.

A pioneer and global technology leader, IDeaS offers industry-leading revenue management solutions for business of all types and sizes in the global hospitality and travel industries. It transform the right data into clear and actionable insight, so that the hotels can price, forecast and report with speed and confidence, improving business performance. For 29 years, we have been helping the world’s hospitality businesses maximize their revenue performance.

RevOpt is very excited to conduct revenue management workshops in India and certify hospitality professionals across various positions in hotels.



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