REVOPT | Revenue Management Training by REVOPT
REVOPT provides 2-day IDeaS Certified Revenue Management Concept Workshop for Hotel professionals.
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Revenue Management Training

Revenue Management Training

Certified Revenue Management Concepts Workshop delivered on-site.

The Need for Revenue Management Training

Understanding the complete revenue management cycle is a level-setting process that unifies the language, culture, concepts and activities necessary to improve revenue objectives.

The Revenue Management Concept Workshop will assist in developing a unified culture, leveling the collective revenue management IQ and advancing the revenue team’s ability to drive better revenue.

The training helps define, build and grow the revenue management culture not only with those directly responsible for the day-to-day activities, but with all key revenue stakeholders.

It is also a great ‘RM for non-RM’ workshop ideal for General Management team, Sales & Marketing team members that collaborate with the Revenue Management team.

What does Revenue Management Training Cover?

The training covers the key concepts, tactics and strategies that are required to positively impact and drive better revenues.


Importance of Revenue Management

Overview of Revenue Management and key concepts of Market Segmentation, Pricing & Forecasting


Revenue Management Tactics

Understanding the various tactics that are used in the daily Revenue Management Operations.



Understanding the key dynamics of Distribution and importance of Channel Management


Strategy Setting & Implementation

Understanding the key Strategies of Revenue Management and how to leverage them for increasing revenues


REVOPT is the only IDeaS Certified Trainer for conducting Revenue Management Concept Workshops in India

Certified by IDeaS

This is a certified training and participants are provided with a certification directly by IDeaS

Content by IDeaS

Training Materials are provided by IDeaS for each participant of the workshop

Conducted by REVOPT

The Training is conducted in the form of a 2-day interactive workshop by REVOPT

Certified Trainer

Training & Workshop is conducted by a IDeaS Certified Trainer from REVOPT

How is the Training Delivered?

The training is delivered by a IDeaS Certified Revenue Management Trainer in a 2-day interactive workshop format with a pre-determined agenda. Authorized training materials are provided as participant resources. Certificates to the participants is delivered only after they clear the activities and direct feedback collection by IDeaS.

IDeaS RM Training Completion Certificate Sample
If you are interested in bringing the benefits of Revenue Management Training to your team, talk to us today.